Who is Julius?


A natural born hustler. Period.

He grew his entrepreneurial legs early. As an adolescent, he dabbled in everything from shoveling snow, to selling Nextel ringtones, to flipping custom apparel. Julius knew the value of a dollar and the payoff of exploiting a market through creative thinking.

Beginning his college education majoring in entrepreneurship, Julius had an epiphany one day that spending the next four years paying tuition to be taught about what he’d been doing his whole life may not have been the best investment. But learning how to master data, and use it to speak to his customers might be. Educated in the fields of marketing and analytics by the award-winning faculty at Central Michigan University and Emory University's Goizueta Business School, Julius has developed defined skill sets focused on marketing, digital media & data, and aesthetic.

In his career up this point, Julius has added value in functional capacities including consumer marketing, analytics, content creation, and user engagement for some of the world’s most renowned companies and recognizable brands such as GE, The National Basketball Association, Red Bull, and Amazon.

Julius has recently decided to depart from corporate America, make his side-hustle his main-hustle, and embark on his entrepreneurial journey full-time. He is currently building his company, Jax, which rents vehicles to Uber and Lyft drivers in metro Atlanta.