Who is Julius?


Julius Bryant is a visionary who sees even the most black and white situations in color. 

College trained in the field of marketing by the award-winning faculty at Central Michigan University and Emory University's Goizueta Business School, Julius has developed a genuine passion for art, marketing & branding, and digital media. Post graduation, his experience working at a highly held Fortune 10 company in various commercial capacities has further lent to Julius' expertise surrounding customer satisfaction and the architecture of strong brands. Julius has also added value in a startup setting working as independent consultant by facilitating content creation, driving user engagement (mobile), and enhancing digital brand experience. He's developed a keen eye and interest for innovating digital marketing solutions across consumer goods, entertainment, technology, and sports. Most recently, Julius has spent much of his time creating and contributing to a number of short films and promotional content projects in Atlanta. He recognizes the value of strong storytelling, and strives to deliver just that whether he's behind the camera, in the director's chair, or in the editing room.