The Snooze Button

The snooze button is a Ponzi Scheme.

It’s an investment (you’re investing your conscious/awake time to LaLa Land, $LLL), that you will probably never see a return on (I’m rarely ever more rested, or more productive after I awake from the second, or third, or fourth alarm-here’s why). Only with a real Ponzi Scheme, there is a potential to realize an increase, only to be funded by a subsequent investor. Time doesn’t quite work this way.

Someone else investing their time, in place of the time you wasted snoozing, does not necessarily mean a positive return on the time you lost (unless you have a really high power secretary who knows equally as much as you, and is able to work at a faster pace, yielding equal or better results. Not impossible I guess). All in all, once YOUR time is gone, it’s gone. 

Maybe Social Security (for those under the age of 47) is a better example.

I’m 25. Social Security is deducted from my bi-weekly paycheck, as it is for the vast majority of you, as well (if you are the exception, do share). Estimates say that the Social Security trust fund will likely run dry by the year 2033. You’re not eligible for your full SS benefit until age 67 (if you were born after 1960). Math was never my favorite past time, but based on these figures, it looks like there’s a strong possibility that I’m funding an account from which I may never see a single red cent.

How is this any different from the snooze button? Those precious minutes you so kindly spend with your pillow, not only do not produce any increase in productivity for you, but essentially decrease from it as you now have fewer minutes to spend on something worthwhile, and will probably be more tired than you were to begin with. 

You set your alarm at a certain time for a reason. Whether it’s to get into work early enough on Monday to finish open items from Friday, to hit the gym before you make it to the office, or to have enough time to walk the dog and read the paper. Whatever your reason is, the reason hasn’t changed because you’ve hit a stride in your REM sleep. I’m weening myself off of the snooze button. Who’s with me?