Resolution Revolution

What was your New Year’s resolution for 2013? What progress did you make over these past 12 months? Did you lose those pounds you’d hoped to lose? Stop drinking? Save money? 

I’m not here to disparage anyone’s “New Year, New Me” goals, but I’d like to share my stance on resolutions and personal improvement. 

I personally gave up on New Year’s resolutions some time ago. My thoughts are, if I recognize a gap between my current-self and hopeful-self, or if I happen to spot an area with particular need for improvement, why wait until next year? Why not start now? Is there anything standing in your way?

What happens if you fail at your goal for the new year? Do you have to wait until the following year until you can try again? After all, it is a New Year’s resolution…..

When you tie your behavioral change to a specific date, you rob yourself of an opportunity to fail and recover, to “fail better.” If you believe that you can only change on the New Year — the inherent message of New Year’s resolutions — you will have to wait a whole year before you get another shot. -Jessica Lamb-Shapiro

I agree with Jessica’s point. Failure is inevitable. As humans, we will all fall short of a personal goal at one point or another. How do we recover? The short answer is, try again. Do it better this time. Find out why you failed last time, and refuse to make that same mistake again. 

In addition, I think planning is key. Simply waking up on January 1 with the new year in front of you won’t predicate the life changes that you’ve elected for yourself. Have you budgeted the savings you hope to achieve in the new year? Have you purchased foods to go along with your new healthy diet? It’s very easy to procrastinate when you don’t have the necessary tools and mindset readily available for you to start your quest. 

What are your personal goals? Have you put a plan in place to achieve them? Will you wait until 2014 to begin? There’s still time in 2013…make haste!