Optimist Prime

The relationship between smoking and lung cancer is the same as the relationship between optimism and happiness.

-Leo Bormans 

Is your glass half full or half empty?

The age old question to gauge which way one tends to lean on the spectrum of optimism and pessimism. 

The optimist in me always has a glass half full. Never half empty. The analytical part of me wonders (but does not harp on) what happened to the other half. Did I ever have it to begin with? Did I spill it? Did someone take it? The optimist in me then swiftly returns and I immediately begin to see the future of a glass overflowing and plot on how to make the vision a reality. 

Someone, somewhere has a glass nearly empty and may be witnessing what little they do have left to be evaporating at the hands of the overbearing blaze of their own doubts and negativity. Others are whole and content with their glass half full. There are then those who realize, hmm….maybe I just need a different sized glass. 

Which are you?