Nothing is Stopping You

In August of this year, Big Sean dropped his sophomore studio album entitled, "Hall of Fame"

I personally didn’t think this was Sean’s best work (I’m partial to Detroit), but I did find some enjoyment in several of the tracks on this LP. Namely, the opening track, “Nothing is Stopping You”. <——-Give it a listen (excuse the language). 

On this track, Sean gives us several gems that I think we could all learn from, and apply in our own lives:

Support System

Toward the end of the first verse, Sean gives a tidbit of the story of his first run-in with, arguably, one of the world’s biggest celebrities, Kanye West. Kanye was at a Detroit radio station doing some promo work, and Sean was encouraged by a friend to go show off his rapping ability for the hip-hop mogul. Reluctantly, Sean obliged. In short, Sean taking advantage of this opportunity resulted in him landing a record deal, and an eventual platform to launch his music career on a global stage. 

The message here is that a solid support system is invaluable. It pays to have people in your corner who not only support you, but recognize potential opportunities, and encourage you to pursue them. 

Pay it Forward

Later in the song, Sean raps about an instance where he was at a radio station doing some promo work of his own, and he was stopped by an aspiring rapper on his way out. The story is oddly similar to his own experience with Kanye. Running late for his next engagement, Sean still agrees to listen to some bars from the young emcee. The rapper’s lines were less than stellar, but Sean reflects to his own similar experience, and realizes that his raps may have been less that stellar in his exhibition for Kanye, too. Sean then agrees to give the aspirant his email address, and notes that if his song is worthy, then he’ll reply. 

No details are given about what may have later happened to the young aspirant, but I think the message here is still that Sean paid forward the same opportunity that was given to him by Ye. He took time from his busy schedule to give someone in a lesser position a chance to prove himself.

It’s important that we never forget where we’ve come from, or the obstacles that we had to overcome to get to where we are. Always take advantage of an opportunity you might have to help someone trying to travel down a similar path as you. 


Sean’s final line on the song is: “All the faith that I have just ain’t all the faith that I need. I’m sorry.” The track then cuts to audio of Sean’s mom scolding him for his negative energy. She emphasizes to her son that he should shift his negative energy toward the positive end of the spectrum, and that the easiest way to do that is to be grateful for the things that he did have, as opposed to focusing on the things he did not.

You’ll hear me say this over and over, but I am a huge proponent of maintaining a positive attitude. As difficult as it can be sometimes, I think it makes all the difference. Seldom do favorable results come out of an unfavorable mindset. 

Tons of others gems in this song, but these are the few that stood out to me. What are your thoughts? Feel free to drop a few “bars” in the comment section, or on Twitter.