Just Do It

At some point thinking has to cease, and DOING has to commence. When better than now? -@JuliusBryant

The ubiquitous “Just Do It” mantra of Nike rings very true in our own everyday lives. Many of us wallow waist deep in a list of tasks that we “plan” to complete, or a heap of goals we “want” to accomplish. Well…what’s stopping you? No really…what’s stopping you? Is there any reason that at this very moment you can’t take the first steps toward your goal?

It’s very easy to let your own thoughts morph into excuses for you not to accomplish something. At some point, you have to gather those thoughts, vet them, and begin to chip away at the ones that are worthwhile. Stop thinking. Start doing. 

For the longest time I’ve been sharing my goals and ideas with other people, but not really taking the time to lock in and start knocking down obstacles to move closer to fruition. I’ve had what I think could, at some point, be a profitable business idea for some time now. I’ve been bolstering about how I wanted to volunteer in some sort of mentorship capacity for what seems like forever. I’ve also discussed over and over my wish to start a blog. Welp…here it is. (I’ve progressed on the other two as well)

Work backwards. Figure out exactly what the end goal is that you wish to produce. Once you’re able to clearly formulate this idea, begin writing down a list of the things that need to happen before your end goal can be reached. For me, my wish to start a blog became reason enough for me to figure out:

  • What I wanted to talk about
  • Who I wanted my audience to be
  • Where I would host it
  • What I would call it

Once these things were figured out, it was time for action. I began jotting down topics to touch on, deciding what platforms I’d use to broadcast, choosing a name, securing a domain, and the likes. Simple. 

So if you took anything from this, in short, I’d like it to be: stop being lazy. If there’s nothing more than your own thoughts standing in your way, then you’ve already waited too long. Go get it done. What ever IT is. Just do it. 

So…my blog has arrived. I’ll try to keep these things short, honest, and to the point. I personally hate to read overly “fluffed” articles and blogs. This might be one of them…my bad. I’ll use this as an avenue to create dialogue surrounding topics including, but not limited to: inspiration, motivation, music, movies, articles, business, startups, marketing, branding, B-School, and whatever else finds it’s way into my gray matter. 

Don’t be shy. Feel free to teach me something in the comment section.