Beats Beats Spotify?

My first thought upon touching the Beats Music app last week….wow! I was extremely impressed. The user interface was extremely clean and free-flowing. I was enthralled by the precision of the curated playlists. The “Gangsta Rap” playlist hit the spot on impact, as did the “Behind the Boards: Just Blaze” playlist. (How do I find these playlists again? I didn’t save them! Help!)

I don’t think Beats can quite replace Spotify for me just yet, but it absolutely can supplement it. Beats is missing some key features that would make me a full time streamer:

  • Radio 
  • Ability to save and quickly find my favorite genres
  • A place where I can see all music posted by the curators I follow

I do think Beats is a step ahead when it comes to genuine discovery. I’ve re-discovered songs that I remember riding with my dad to when I was about 8 or 9 that I haven’t heard since. It’s also made for some prime opportunities for new music discovery that I might not have had without it.

The Sentence feature is pretty cool, and also is a great supplement for discovery, but sometimes you want a more focused and streamlined curation of music. I think a genuine radio feature would come in handy here. Spotify’s Jadakiss radio has yet to disappoint. I’d like to see some form of a radio feature integrated into the next version of Beats Music. Sentences have been hit or miss for me thus far. 

The Highlight feature hasn’t done much for me yet. I’m pretty open-minded musically, but I’m not overly enthusiastic about the ‘Britney Spears Workout Mix’ sitting atop my Highlights tab right now. Maybe the Highlights tab will grow closer to my interests as I begin to ‘like’ more songs. 

Going forward, I think my music streaming will be a combination of both Beats Music and Spotify. The question then becomes, which one do I pay for? Both service sit at a $10/month price point, though Spotify does offer a free version that forces you to shuffle albums and playlists out of their original order, and includes ads. I think for now, I’ll pay for Beats, and see how tolerable the ad infused version of Spotify is. 

For me, Beats Music deserves a chance because of what the entire brand stands for. Beats has made it appear simple to sit at the exact cross-section of premium sound, a fashionable product, and willingness eagerness to continue propping up the culture. And for this, I don’t mind being a paying supporter. 

-My Latest Sentence-

I’m Sick Of Being Cold

& Feel Like Saving The World

With My Entourage

To Hip Hop

Anyone want to take a guess at what I’m listening to based on this sentence? ……..”Thong Song” by Sisqo. :-(

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