A Little Privacy Please?

In light of Apple’s iPhone announcement last week, the webosphere has been in a frenzy over security concerns regarding the new fingerprint scanning technology embedded in the iPhone 5S. It seems that many perspective 5S users are concerned with the idea of handing their fingerprints over to Apple, especially as a result of recent news regarding NSA’s PRISM Surveillance Program, and it’s participants. 

Contrary to many, I’m not particularly concerned with security breaches at this point. Actually, in some regards, I feel a bit more secure with this technology than I have with others in the past. Reason being:

It’s your own unique fingerprint that no one else within a galaxy of you shares. This is one form of ID that is unique to only you, and only you, and is not quite as easy to be duplicated as others. 

There is foresight of this fingerprint scanning technology being used as a method of monetary exchange, which is a bit alarming to people. I get that. 

Let’s say for some reason we later find out that Apple told half-truths, and does in fact keep a database housing unique fingerprint IDs. Then, let’s go a little further to say they have a security breach allowing a rogue hacker to access this digital safe of prints. Ok…then what?

We’re still talking about a fingerprint that’s, well…on your finger. This isn’t a plastic credit card that’s used as a medium of exchange through unidentifiable kiosk swipes, and could be easily poached, or a social security number that can be intercepted in a verbal or typographic exchange. This is YOUR fingerprint, that’s on YOUR finger, on YOUR hand, connected to YOUR body. 

Now this isn’t to say the technology will be completely fool-proof. But I think we are a ways away from criminals being able to not only obtain your fingerprint, but also create a replica of it that’s life-like enough to scan it (whether on your phone, or a futuristic pay station), and go undetected. 

What are your thoughts? Are you concerned that this new technology will create an enhanced ability for thieves to steal your identity? Will you be upgrading to the iPhone 5S?

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