#SB49 Ad Review

I was pretty impressed with the ad selection for this year's Super Bowl. Naturally, some were stronger than others, but I thought there were fewer duds than there have been in previous years (yes, there were some glaring exceptions). Here are some of my favorites (in no particular order). Youtube links are included in all of the the ad titles if you want to check them out. 

Advertiser: Dodge
Agency: The Richards Group

I really liked this one. Different from any ad I can remember seeing. I thought this spot was well crafted and memorable. It was like a crescendo to me. It had a semi-climactic edge of drama, and plenty of quotables with "Don't bitch." probably being my favorite. Strong spot. 

"Newfangled Idea"
Advertiser: BMW
Agency: KBS

Another one of my favorites. I thought this one was good because it started with a bit of nostalgia that was inevitably going to lead us down a path toward something a bit more modern. I really liked how they were able to re-create the mood of a 1994 Today Show broadcast with Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric inside a new BMW i3. They were just as dumbfounded at the fact that a vehicle had no engine in 2015, as they were with the Internet in '94. Nostalgia, when done correctly, is always a hit in my book. Well played. 

"America at Work"
Agency: Pinnacle Advertising

Surprised to see this one? WeatherTech really lacked the grandiose of a typical Super Bowl ad. There was no crazy story line, no catchy jingle, and nothing extremely memorable. After all, it was an ad for car mats. Their spot was relatively straight laced, clean cut, and...regular. It looked like an ad I'd see during the commercial break of a sitcom. Not the Super Bowl. Even with all of that said, I liked it. I think this was a really smart move by WeatherTech. Reason being?? Beyond getting national exposure for a small(er) business, none of their competitors showed up. This was the only ad I can remember seeing in recent history (even beyond the Super Bowl) about car mats. WeatherTech is now top of mind for me and many other consumers if/when we enter the market for car mats. I'd have a hard time naming a single other car mat manufacturer besides Weathertech right now.  Not to mention, the spot got the point across. Homegrown and quality made product. 

"Pay with Lovin'"
Advertiser: McDonald's
Agency:  Leo Burnett

I saw this one before the Super Bowl, and have tweeted about it a few times, but this was another one of my favorites. I like that McDonald's is putting their "I'm Lovin' It" mantra into play here and using it to drive action by their customers. Do > say. My only question is, how does Mickey D's decide who gets to pay with lovin' vs. who has to whip out their plastic? I think a lot of people, including myself, will be paying McDonald's a visit soon with this expression:


Overall, I was satisfied with the ads this year. There were many more than these that I enjoyed. What were some of your favorites? Feel free to let me know in the comments or on Twitter